PT-AE700U, PT-AE700E - Panasonic Projector Service Manual (repair manual). Page 6

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5.3 Canceling the flicker adjustment mode 
6 Disassembly Instructions 
6.1 Printed Circuit Board and Main Parts Location 
6.2 Removal of Upper Case 
6.3 Removal of A-P.C.Board 
6.4 Removal of S-P.C.Board 
6.5 Removal of J-P.C.Board (PT-AE700E only) 
6.6 Removal of B / Q-Module 
6.7 Removal of P-Module 
6.8 Removal of K-P.C.Board 
6.9 Removal of Lamp Unit 
6.10 Removal of Analysis Block and Projection Lens 
6.11 Removal of LCD Block 
6.12 Removal of Projection Lens 
6.13 Replacement of LCD Panel 
6.14 LCD Panel Discrimination 
6.15 LCD Panel Combination 
6.16 Replacement of Projection Polarizer 
6.17 Replacement of Incidence Polarizer (R and B) 
6.18 Replacement of Incidence Polarizer (G) 
6.19 Replacement of PBS Array (Analysis Block) 
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