PT-AE700U, PT-AE700E - Panasonic Projector Service Manual (repair manual). Page 5

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Table Of Contents
1 Safety Precautions 
1.1 General Guidelines 
1.2 Leakage Current Check 
1.3 UV Precaution and UHM Lamp Precautions 
2 Ext Option 
2.1 Procedure to enter EXT OPTION 
2.2 EXT OPTION Menu and Functions 
2.3 Canceling EXT OPTION 
3 Self-Check Mode 
3.1 Procedure to enter the self-check mode 
3.2 Self Check Display and Contents 
3.3 Canceling the self-check mode 
4 Service Mode 
4.1 Procedure to enter the service mode 
4.2 Canceling the service mode 
5 Flicker Adjustment Mode 
5.1 Procedure to enter the adjustment mode 
5.2 Adjustment Display and Contents 
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