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Troubleshooting-1 (when no error message is displayed on PC)
Change from the Original Service Manual as Section 11.1.
Possible Cause
Recommended action
LED does not light
up or LCD does not 
display normally.
1. Power cord is not inserted correctly.
Insert the power cord correctly.
2. Cables in the scanner are not 
connected properly. (especially around 
Power Supply)
Insert the cables properly.
3. Power Board does not work, properly.
1. Measure the following voltage on CONTROL Board.
CN21  4-5th pin: +24V
2. Check the connection between the CONTROL Board and 
Power Board.
3. Replace Power Board.
4. Power Switch on PANEL SWITCH 
Board does not work, properly.
1. Check the following connection.
(1) CN5000 (PANEL SWITCH Board) and CN3001 (LCD 
PANEL Board)
(2) CN3000 (LCD PANEL Board)  and CN11 (CONTROL 
(3) FFC Cable
2. Measure the following resistance value, when the power 
cord is unplugged.
(1) CN5000 9th pin – GND : 0 Ω (SW5001 ON)
(2) CN5000 9th pin – GND : over 10kΩ (SW5001 OFF)
3. Replace SW5001 or PANEL SWITCH Board or LCD 
PANEL Board.
5. USB cable between LCD PANEL Board  
and Control Board  is not connected 
1. Re-attach the USB cable between JK3000 (LCD PANEL 
Board) and JK2 (Control Board), and then restart the 
2. Replace the USB cable.
6. USB interface circuit on LCD PANEL 
Board  does not work.
Check the soldering condition of the following parts and of
their surrounding circuits on the LCD PANEL Board, and 
then repair it.
(1) JK3000 (USB IF connector)
(2) LF3000 (Common mode filter)
(3) IC3003 (LCD controller)
7. USB interface circuit on Control Board  
does not work
Check the soldering condition of the following parts and of
their surrounding circuits on the Control Board, and then 
repair it.
(1) JK2 (USB IF connector)
(2) LF3 (Common mode filter)
(3) IC9 (PF4)
8. DC ON/OFF circuit on CONTROL 
Board does not work correctly.
1. Monitor the following signals. (when turning on the power)
(1) Q51-G : Typ. 12 V
(2) Q48-C : Typ. 11 V
(3) Q50-B : Typ. 0.6 V
(4) +7.0V (CL189) : Typ. 7V
2. Check the soldering condition of the following parts and of 
their surrounding circuits on the CONTROL Board. 
Q48, Q50, Q51
3. Monitor the following signals.
(1) Q48 (C-E) : Typ. 0 V
(2) Q50 (C-E) : Typ. 0 V
4. Replace faulty parts.
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