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10.3. Bottom Plate
1. The bottom plate can be removed when its 3 screws are  
10.4. Connector(Motor housing)
1. Hold the part under the motor shaft by means of a minus 
driver then turn the connector (Motor housing) clockwise. 
The connector (Motor housing) can be removed.
• The connector (Motor housing) can be relatively easily 
removed by  means of hitting its projecting section clock-
wise with use of a screwdriver grip in a forceful manner.
10.5. Motor Assy 
1. Hold the motor housing to remove the 2 screws with a 
cross screwdriver from the micro switch.
And then pull out the faston terminals that are linked to 
the micro switch.
2. Take out the motor from the motor housing and it 
• The brush can be exchanged by metal fittings coming 
when bending fixation metal fittings. 
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