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Suggested PbF Solder
There are several types of PbF solder available commercially. While this product is manufactured using Tin, Silver, and Copper
(Sn+Ag+Cu), you can also use Tin and Copper (Sn+Cu) or Tin, Zinc, and Bismuth (Sn+Zn+Bi). Please check the manufacturer’s
specific instructions for the melting points of their products and any precautions for using their product with other materials. 
The following lead free (PbF) solder wire sizes are recommended for service of this product: 0.3 mm, 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm.
Discarding of P.C.Board
When discarding P.C.Board, delete all personal information such as telephone directory and caller list of scrap P.C.Board. 
0.3 mm X 100 g
0.6 mm X 100 g
1.0 mm X 100 g
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