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1. Safety Precautions 
  Read the following “SAFETY PRECAUTIONS” carefully before installation of (Mono bloc) Air-to-Water Heatpump 
system (hereafter referred to as “Mono bloc unit”). 
  Electrical works and water installation works must be done by licensed electrician and licensed water system 
installer respectively. Be sure to use the correct rating and main circuit for the model to be installed. 
  The caution items stated here must be followed because these important contents are related to safety. The 
meaning of each indication used is as below. Incorrect installation due to ignorance or negligence of the 
instructions will cause harm or damage, and the seriousness is classified by the following indications. 
This indication shows the possibility of causing death or serious injury. 
This indication shows the possibility of causing injury or damage to properties only. 
The items to be followed are classified by the symbols: 
Symbol with white background denotes item that is PROHIBITED from doing. 
Symbol with dark background denotes item that must be carried out. 
Carry out test run to confirm that no abnormality occurs after the installation. Then, explain to user the operation, care and 
maintenance as stated in instructions. Please remind the customer to keep the operating instructions for future reference. 
If there is any doubt about the installation procedure or operation, always contact the authorized dealer for advice and 
Do not install Mono bloc unit near handrail of veranda. When installing Mono bloc unit at veranda of high rise building, child may climb 
up to Mono bloc unit and cross over the handrail and causing accident. 
Do not use unspecified cord, modified cord, join cord or extension cord for power supply cord. Do not share the single outlet with other 
electrical appliances. 
Poor contact, poor insulation or over current will cause electrical shock or fire. 
3.  Do not tie up the power supply cord into a bundle by band. Abnormal temperature rise on power supply cord may happen. 
4.  Do not insert your fingers or other objects into the unit, high speed rotating fan may cause injury.  
5.  Do not sit or step on the unit, you may fall down accidentally. 
6.  Keep plastic bag (packaging material) away from small children, it may cause suffocation. 
7.  Do not use pipe wrench to install refrigerant pipe. It might deform the piping and cause the unit to malfunction. 
8.  Do not purchase unauthorized electrical parts for installation, service, maintenance and etc.. They might cause electrical shock or fire.
9.  This unit is a multi supply appliances. All circuits must be disconnected before accessing to the unit terminals. 
Do not modify the wiring of Mono bloc unit for installation of other components (i.e. heater, etc.). Overloaded wiring or wire connection 
points may cause electrical shock or fire. 
11.  Do not add or replace refrigerant other than specified type. It may cause product damage, burst and injury etc. 
For electrical work, follow the local national wiring standard, regulation and this installation instruction. An independent circuit and 
single outlet must be used. If electrical circuit capacity is not enough or defect found in electrical work, it will cause electrical shock or 
For water circuit installation work, follow to relevant European and national regulations (including EN61770) and local plumbing and 
building regulation codes. 
Must engage an authorized dealer or specialist for installation. If installation is defective, it will cause water leakage, electrical shock or 
15.  Install according to this installation instructions strictly. If installation is defective, it will cause water leakage, electrical shock or fire. 
Only use the supplied or specified installation parts. Else, it may causes Mono bloc unit vibrate, fall, water leakage, electrical shock or 
Install at a flat, strong and firm location which is able to withstand the Mono bloc unit’s weight. If the location is slanting, or strength is 
not enough the set will fall and cause injury. 
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