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14. Remove the Auto Cleaning Complete by releasing the 5 screws.
(Fig. 8). For detailed instructions, please refer to 16.2 Filter Cleaning
Device Complete Removal Instructions.
Fig. 8
15. Remove the Control Board by releasing the screw. (Fig. 9)
Fig. 9
16. Pull out the Drain Hose (behind the Discharge Grille) from outlet to
remove the Discharge Grille. (Fig. 10)
Fig. 10
17. Release the 3 screws Fan Motor Cover. (Fig. 11)
18. By pressing down the hook at the left, you will be able to remove the
Fan Motor Cover. (Fig. 11)
Fig. 11
19. Remove the screw at the Cross Flow fan. (Fig. 12)
To reinstall the Fan Motor, please adjust the connector location is posi-
tioned 45
q with Fan Motor before fixing Control Board Cover. (Fig. 12)
Fig. 12
20. Remove the Bearing. (Fig. 13)
21. Remove the 2 screws at the left of the Evaporator. (Fig. 13)
Fig. 13
22. Push up the Evaporator and pull out the Cross Flow Fan from shaft.
By then, Fan Motor can be taken out. (Fig. 14)
Fig. 14
16.2. Filter Cleaning Device Complete Removal Instructions
Tools Required:
• Screw driver (+ type)
• Cutter
Switch off the power supply and unplug before cleaning or servicing.
1. Remove the front intake grille.
2. Push to remove top intake grille.
3. Release 2 caps and unscrew.
4. Unscrew and then remove the particular piece (right).
5. Unscrew and remove the particular pieces (left and bottom).
Caution: The particular piece (bottom) may drop out while 
6. Remove terminal cover.
7. Cut the cable tie.
8. Remove all connectors from the PCB.
9. Remove screws (5 pieces).
10. Lift the filter cleaning device gently to remove.
16.3. Ventilation Device Removal Instructions
1. Cut the cable tie and remove the flexible hose connector.
2. Unscrew (1 piece).
3. Disconnect the connector.
4. Unscrew (2 pieces).
5. Disconnect the ventilation device from the duct.
6. Remove the ventilation device.
16.4. Gear Removal Instructions
1. Unscrew (3 pieces).
2. Remove the gear.
3. Disconnect the connector from the gear.
16.5. Outdoor Propeller Fan and Fan Motor
17 Technical Data
A. Cool: Outdoor Temperature Change
Indoor Temp.: 27/19
Remote Con.: HI FAN, COOL 16
Comp. Hz: Rated Cooling
Voltage: 230 V

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