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1. Safety Precautions 
  Read the following “SAFETY PRECAUTIONS” carefully before perform any servicing. 
  Electrical work must be installed or serviced by a licensed electrician. Be sure to use the correct rating of the 
power plug and main circuit for the model installed. 
  The caution items stated here must be followed because these important contents are related to safety. The 
meaning of each indication used is as below. Incorrect installation or servicing due to ignoring of the instruction 
will cause harm or damage, and the seriousness is classified by the following indications. 
This indication shows the possibility of causing death or serious injury. 
This indication shows the possibility of causing injury or damage to properties. 
  The items to be followed are classified by the symbols: 
  Explanation of symbols displayed on the indoor unit or outdoor unit. 
This symbol shows that this equipment uses a flammable refrigerant. 
If the refrigerant is leaked, together with an external ignition source, there is a possibility of ignition. 
This symbol shows that the Operation Manual should be read carefully. 
This symbol shows that a service personnel should be handling this equipment with reference to the  
Installation Manual. 
This symbol shows that there is information included in the Operation Manual and/or Installation Manual. 
  Carry out test run to confirm that no abnormality occurs after the servicing. Then, explain to user the operation, 
care and maintenance as stated in instructions. Please remind the customer to keep the operating instructions for 
future reference. 
Do not use means to accelerate the defrosting process or to clean, other than those recommended by the manufacturer. Any 
unfit method or using incompatible material may cause product damage, burst and serious injury. 
Do not install outdoor unit near handrail of veranda. When installing air-conditioner unit on veranda of a high rise building, child 
may climb up to outdoor unit and cross over the handrail causing an accident. 
Do not use unspecified cord, modified cord, joint cord or extension cord for power supply cord. Do not share the single outlet 
with other electrical appliances. 
Poor contact, poor insulation or over current will cause electrical shock or fire. 
The appliance shall be stored in a well ventilated room with floor area larger than A min (m
 ) [refer Table A] and without any 
continuously operating ignition sources. 
Keep away from open flames, any operating gas appliances or any operating electric heater. Else, it may explode and cause 
injury or death. 
Do not tie up the power supply cord into a bundle by band. Abnormal temperature rise on power supply cord may happen. 
Do not insert your fingers or other objects into the unit, high speed rotating fan may cause injury. 
Do not sit or step on the unit, you may fall down accidentally. 
The appliance shall be installed, and/or operated in a room with floor area larger than A min (m
 ) [refer Table A] and keep away 
from ignition sources, such as heat/sparks/open flame, or, hazardous areas, such as gas appliances, gas cooking, reticulated 
gas supply systems, or electric cooking appliances, etc. 
Keep plastic bag (packaging material) away from small children, it may cling to nose and mouth and prevent breathing. 
When installing or relocating air conditioner, do not let any substance other than the specified refrigerant, eg. air etc mix into 
refrigeration cycle (piping). 
Mixing of air etc. will cause abnormal high pressure in refrigeration cycle and result in explosion, injury etc. 
Do not pierce or burn as the appliance is pressurized. Do not expose the appliance to heat, flame, sparks, or other sources of 
Else, it may explode and cause injury or death. 
12.  Do not add or replace refrigerant other than specified type. It may cause product damage, burst and injury etc. 
This symbol denotes item that is PROHIBITTED from doing. 
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