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•  Connect the drain hose to the 
outlet of the drain pump located at 
the rear of the washing machine. 
Attach the clip to the drain hose. 
•   And then push it toward the body of 
the washing machine as indicated 
by the arrow.
•  Check that the drain hose is hung 
up over the edge of the laundry tub.
• Do not use an extension hose.
The drain hose should always be properly secured to the drain or standpipe. Failure to secure the drain hose 
properly can result in flooding and property damage.
             • The end of the drain hose should be placed 39" (99 cm) above the floor.
             • The drain must be installed in accordance with any applicable local codes and regulations.
             • Make sure that the water lines are not stretched, pinched, crushed, or kinked.
             •  Do not insert the drain hose more than 12” (30 cm) into the drain pipe to avoid siphoning and odor build-up.
•  The washer should never be installed or stored in a location subject to freezing temperatures. If the 
washer was exposed to freezing temperatures prior to installation, allow it to stand at room temperature 
for several hours before use. Damage to the water lines and internal mechanisms of the washer can 
•  Water supply pressure must be between 14.5 psi and 116 psi (100 ~ 800kPa) If the water supply 
pressure is more than 116 psi, a pressure reducing valve must be installed. If you have uncontrolled water 
temperature and pressure you should fit a temperature and pressure relief valve to ensure that water 
temperature and water pressure remain within the safe limits. Consult a plumber or electrician if you are 
unable to adjust water temperature and or pressure. Failure to do so can result in damage to the machine.
•  Plug the power cord of washer into a properly grounded outlet. Failure to do this can result in shock or 
serious injury.
y If the leveling feet have been adjusted as much as 
possible and the washer is still not level, use the ris-
ers to lift the back leg(s) of the washer to help level 
it. To use,  press the riser onto  the leg. You can stack 
up to three risers under one leg.
Tie Strap
(99 cm)
(99 cm)
Tie Strap
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