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Adding Detergent
Add measured detergent to the detergent compartment of the
dispenser drawer.
• Do not exceed the maximum fill line.
Detergent is flushed through the dispenser at the beginning of
the wash cycle. Either powdered or liquid detergent can be
used, but the drawer insert must be removed to use powder. 
Detergent usage may need to be adjusted for water
temperature, water hardness, size, and soil level of the load.
Avoid using too much detergent in your washer, as it can lead
to oversudsing and detergent residue being left on the clothes.
Adding Fabric Softener
Pour the recommended amount of liquid fabric
softener into the left-hand compartment. Use only liquid fabric
Dilute with water to the maximum fill line.
• Do not exceed the maximum fill line.
Overfilling can cause early dispensing of the fabric softener,
which could stain clothes.
NOTE:  Do not pour fabric softener directly on the wash load. 
It may stain the clothes. 
If you use an ultra-thick fabric softener, you might  
want to dilute it with water so it dispenses easily.
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