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Using the Liquid Bleach Dispenser
1. Check clothing care labels for special instructions.
2.  Measure liquid bleach carefully, following instructions on the 
•  Never pour undiluted liquid chlorine bleach directly onto clothes 
or into the wash basket.
• Do not pour powdered bleach into bleach dispenser.
•  Avoid overfilling or splashing when adding bleach to the 
dispenser. The maximum capacity of the bleach dispenser is 
one cup of bleach per wash cycle. Overfilling could result in 
premature dispensing of bleach. 
Do NOT add more bleach than is required for your particular load.
3.  Before starting the washer, pour measured amount of liquid bleach 
directly into bleach dispenser. If you prefer to use powdered 
bleach, add it into the wash basket directly before adding clothes.
Do NOT mix chlorine bleach with ammonia or acids, such as vinegar or rust / scale remover. 
Mixing chemicals like these can produce irritating and toxic fumes. Put the manufacturer’s recommended amount of 
undiluted liquid chlorine bleach into the bleach dispenser. During the final portion of the wash cycle, two sequential flushes 
of the dispenser put all the bleach into the wash load and completely flush the dispenser to eliminate the carryover of 
bleach to a subsequent load. Any liquid remaining in the bleach dispenser at the end of the cycle is water, not bleach. To 
prevent unintentional self-siphoning of the bleach, never fill the dispenser higher than the maximum fill level marked on 
the dispenser. When adding bleach to the dispenser, be careful to avoid spilling it into the laundry load or leaving droplets 
of bleach around the dispenser. These things will damage your laundry items.
2) Using Detergent
Follow the detergent package directions. Using too little detergent is a common cause of laundry problems.
Use more detergent if you have hard water, large loads, greasy or oily soils or lower water temperature.
Choosing the Right Detergent
Your washing machine is designed for use with only High-Efficiency (HE) detergents. HE detergents are 
formulated specifically for HE machines and contain suds-reducing agents. Always look for the HE symbol when 
purchasing detergent. HE detergents produce fewer suds, dissolve more efficiently to improve washing and 
rinsing performance, and help to keep the interior of your washer clean. Using a regular detergent will cause 
unsatisfactory performance, oversudsing, machine build-up, and could damage the machine. 
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