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Fig. 28
Fig. 29
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Fig. 31
Lower bolt
Fig. 27
10. Loosen the fixing bolt fastening the motor shaft
and pull up the coupling assembly(Fig. 27).
2. Disconnect the lead wires.
3. Lay the washing machine on its front side on a
blanket or cardboard.
4. Remove the screws fastening the base and remove
the base from the outcase(Fig. 30).
5. Remove the screws and the washers, remove the
wash motor and remove the wash motor
damper(Fig. 31).
6. Loosen the socket bolt of the motor pulley
assembly and pull up the motor pulley assembly
from the motor.
To assemble the wash motor, reverse disassembly
11. Remove the screws fastening the brake assembly
and remove the brake assembly(Fig. 28).
To assemble the spin motor, reverse the disassembly
4-5. Wash Motor replacement
After removing the back cover and the spin dryer
basket, proceed as follows:
1. Remove the V-belt from the pulsator pulley(Fig. 29).
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