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6. Unscrew the pulsator pulley fixing bolt, the nut,
remove the pulsator pulley (Fig. 38)
7. Unscrew and remove the screws fastening the gear
case assembly at the tub(Fig. 39).
To assemble the gearcase assembly to the tub,
reverse the above disassembly.
After removing the spin dryer basket assembly, refer
to the figures and proceed as follows:
1. Remove the bellows assembly(Fig. 41).
2. Remove the bellows supporter by using slip joint
pliers to the spin tub bottom(Fig. 41).
Bellows assembly
The assembly procedure is as follows:
1. Insert the bellows assembly into the bellows
supporter(Fig. 42).
2. Fit them by pushing the bellows assembly and the
bellows supporter at the same time in the spin tub
bottom(Fig. 42).
3. Pass the spin shaft through the center hole of the
bellows assembly and insert it into the coupling
assembly(Fig. 42).
1. Don't disassemble three screws fixing the
gear case assembly.
2. Check the assembled condition of the
packing-P at the tub hole is right when you
assembled the gear case assembly(Fig. 40).
The bellows assembly attached to the unit
cannot be removed unless it is torn off.
Gear case
Fig. 38
Fig. 40
Fig. 41
Fig. 42
. Bellow Assembly Replacement
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