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Level adjustment
• Leveling the washing machine properly prevents
excessive noise and vibration.
Install the appliance on a solid and level floor surface,
preferably in a corner of the room.
• If the floor is uneven, adjust the adjustable feet as
required. (Do not insert pieces of wood, etc. under
the feet.)
NOTE: Extend the feet no more than necessary to level
the washer. The more the feet are extended, the
more the washer will vibrate.
• Make sure that all four feet are stable and resting on
the floor and then check that the appliance is
perfectly level (Use a level).
• After the washer is level, tighten the lock nuts up
against of the base of the washer. All lock nuts must
be tightened.
• It is critical to adjust the feet perfectly. This must be
done while the washer is spinning with a load. Use
the wrench (supplied) to adjust the feet until there is
no vibration. Then tighten the lock nuts to prevent
further adjustment.
NOTE: If there is vibration and noise during the spin
cycle, re-check the leveling of the washer, adjust
the feet as required, and tighten the lock nuts
securely to prevent changes in adjustment. 
Run the washer with a test load to make certain
your washer is properly leveled. Put an
unbalance weight part in the machine. 
You can check noise and/or vibration on high
speed spin rpm through the QC test mode 
(refer to page 18).
When the machine spins at high speed, verify
that it is stable. If not, adjust the feet
Diagonal Check
When pushing down the edges of the washing machine
top plate diagonally, the machine should not move up
and down at all. (Please, check both directions.)
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