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Anti C rease function
With the alternate rotation of the drum, creasing in the laundry is
M or e  economical  by  F uzzy  L ogic  S ystem
FUZZY Logic System detects the amount of load and water
temperature, and then determines the optimum water level and
washing time to minimize energy and water consumption.
C hild-L ock
The Child-Lock system has been developed to prevent children
from pressing any button (except Power button) to change the
programme during operation.
L ow  noise  speed  contr ol  system
By sensing the amount of load and balance, this system
automatically distributes load evenly to minimize the spinning
noise level.
D ir ect  D r ive  S ystem
The advanced Brushless DC motor rotates the drum directly
without a belt and a pulley.
B uilt-in  heater  
temperature on selected cycles.
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