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1. Application Range
This spec. sheet applies to LA22E Chassis applied LCD TV all 
models manufactured in TV factory.
2. Specification
(1)  Because this is not a hot chassis, it is not necessary to use 
an  isolation  transformer.  However,  the  use  of  isolation 
transformer will help protect test instrument.
(2) Adjustment must be done in the correct order. 
(3)  The adjustment must be performed in the circumstance of 
25 ±5 °C of temperature and 65±10% of relative humidity if 
there is no specific designation.
(4)  The  input  voltage  of  the  receiver  must  keep  100~240V, 
(5)  The receiver must be operated for about 5 minutes prior to 
the adjustment when module is in the circumstance of over 
15 °C
      In case of keeping module is in the circumstance of 0°C, it 
should be placed in the circumstance of above 15°C for 2 
      In case of keeping module is in the circumstance of below 
-20°C,  it  should  be  placed  in  the  circumstance  of  above 
15°C for 3 hours.  
When  still  image  is  displayed  for  a  period  of  20  minutes  or 
longer (especially where W/B scale is strong.
Digital  pattern  13ch  and/or  Cross  hatch  pattern  09ch),  there 
can some afterimage in the black level area
3. Adjustment items
3.1. Main PCBA Adjustments
(1) ADC adjustment: Component 480i, 1080p / RGB-PC 1080p
(2) EDID downloads for HDMI and RGB-PC
3.2. Final assembly adjustment
(1) White Balance adjustment
(2) RS-232C functionality check
(3) Factory Option setting per destination
(4) Shipment mode setting (IN-STOP)
(5) GND and HI-POT test
3.3. Appendix
(1) Tool option menu, USB Download (S/W Update, Option and 
Service only)
(2) Manual adjustment for ADC calibration and White balance.
(3) Shipment conditions, Channel pre-set
4. MAIN PCBA Adjustments
4.1. ADC Calibration 
- An ADC  calibration  is  not  necessary  because  MAIN  SoC 
(LGE35230) is already calibrated from IC Maker
- If it needs to adjust manually, refer to appendix.
4.2.  MAC Address,  ESN  Key  and  Widevine 
Key download 
4.2.1. Equipment & Condition
1) Play file: keydownload.exe
4.2.2. Communication Port connection
1) Key Write: Com 1,2,3,4 and 115200 (Baudrate)
2) Barcode: Com 1,2,3,4 and 9600 (Baudrate)
4.2.3. Download process
1) Select the download items.
2) Mode check: Online Only
3) Check the test process
-  US,  Canada  models:  DETECT  ->  MAC_WRITE  -> 
-  Korea,  Mexico  models:  DETECT  ->  MAC_WRITE  -> 
4) Play : START
5) Check of result: Ready, Test, OK or NG
4.2.4. Communication Port connection
1)  Connect:  PCBA  Jig  ->  RS-232C  Port  ==  PC  ->  RS-232C 
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