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HDMI 3 EDID Table (Full HD)
HDMI 4 EDID Table (Full HD)
RGB EDID Table (Full HD)
* See  Working  Guide  if  you  want  more  information  about  EDID
4-6. Confirmation
(1) Press ‘InStart’ Key on Factory SVC Remote Controller. 
And MUST check ADC & EDID ADJ status is OK.
5. SET assembly adjustment method
* Caution : Each  PCB  assembly  must  be  checked  by  check  JIG
set. (Because power PCB Assembly damages to PDP
Module, especially be careful)
5-1. POWER  PCB  Assembly  Voltage
(Va/Vs Voltage Adjustment)
Test equipment : D.M.M 1EA
Connection Diagram for Measuring : refer to the picture
(1) Va adjustment 
1) Connect  +  terminal  of  D.  M.M.  to  Va  pin  of  P811,
connect -terminal to GND pin of P811.
2) After  turning  VR502,voltage  of  D.M.M  adjustment  as
same  as  Va  voltage  which  on  label  of  panel  right/top
(deviation; ±0.5V)
(2) Vs adjustment 
1) Connect  +  terminal  of  D.  M..M.  to  Vs  pin  of  P811,
connect -terminal to GND pin of P811.
2) After  turning  VR901,  voltage  of  D.M.M  adjustment  as
same as Vs voltage which on label of panel right/top 
(deviation ; ±0.5V)
5-2. Serial  number  download  &  Model
name D/L and Check Tool Option.
(1) Press  "Power  on"  button  of  a  service  R/C.(Baud  rate  :
115200 bps)
(2) Connect  RS232-C  Signal  Cable  and  start  ‘Option  Check
Program Ver3.8’
(3) Scan serial Number and press ‘F5’ button.
(4) Check ‘OK’ on program (1) program. 
(5) Press  ‘In  start’  button  on  SVC  R/C,  check  Serial  Number
and Model Name. 
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