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1. Application Range
This  spec.  sheet  applies  to  PB12A  Chassis  applied  PDP  TV
all models manufactured in TV factory.
2. Specification
(1) Because this is not a hot chassis, it is not necessary to use
an  isolation  transformer.  However,  the  use  of  isolation
transformer will help protect test instrument.
(2) Adjustment  must  be  done  in  the  correct  order.  But  it  is
flexible when its factory local problem occurs.
(3) The adjustment must be performed in the circumstance of
C  ± 5  cC  of  temperature  and  65  %  ± 10  %  of  relative
humidity if there is no specific designation.
(4) The input voltage of the receiver must keep 100 V - 240 V,
50 / 60 Hz.
(5) Before adjustment, execute Heat-Run for 5 minutes.
After Receive 100% Full white pattern (06CH) then
process Heat-run 
(or “8. Test pattern” condition of Ez-Adjust status)
How to make set white pattern 
1) Press Power ON button of Service Remocon
2) Press  ADJ  button  of  Service  remocon.  Select  “10.
Test  pattern”  and,  after  select  “White”  using
navigation  button,  and  then  you  can  see  100%  Full
White pattern. 
* In this status you can maintain Heat-Run useless any
pattern generator
* Notice:  if  you  maintain  one  picture  over  20  minutes
(Especially sharp distinction black with white pattern –
13Ch,  or  Cross  hatch  pattern  –  09Ch)  then  it  can
appear image stick near black level. 
3. Adjustment items
3-1. PCB Assembly adjustment
Caution: Using ‘power on’ button of the control R/C power on
MAC Address and Widevine Key Down load
ADC Adjustment (manual)
DFT Process
Insert Tool OPTION (Manual)
Insert EDID (Manual)
3-2. Set Assembly Adjustment
Power PCB Assembly Voltage adjustment 
(Va,Vs voltage adjustment)
Adjustment of White Balance
Serial number download & Model name D/L
Checking the Eye-Q Operation
Ping Test
LAN port inspection (Ping test)
Check Wireless function
Magic Motion Remote Controller test
3D function test
GND and ESD tes
4. PCB Assembly Adjustment
4-1. MAC  Address  and  Widevine  Key
* Connect  TV  SET  and  PC  which  download  keys  Writing
program by RS232C-Cable
(1) Start  Program  and  Click  “start”  Button  to  connect  TV  and
(2) When  download  succeed,  you  can  see  “OK”  on  the
* Each Chassis has it’s own MAC Address. Please be careful
of download.
4-2. ADC Adjustment (Manual)
* GP3 (PB12A) Chassis don’t need Auto ADC adjust process
but, if you need to adjust ADC manually follow this method.
Using instrument 
1) Adjustment  remocon,  801GF(802B,  802F,  802R)  or
MSPG925FA pattern generator
(It  can  output  480i/1080i  horizontal  100  %  color  bar
pattern signal, and its output level must setting 
0.7 V ± 0.1 V p-p correctly)
< Adjustment pattern : 480i / 1080p 60Hz Pattern >
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