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- 9 -
<Temperature: WARM>
- R-Cut / G-Cut / B-Cut is set to 64
- Control G-Gain and B-Gain.
- Each gain is limited to 192
8. HDCP(High-Bandwidth Digital
Contents Protection) SETTING
(1) Connect D-sub Signal Cable to D-Sub Jack
(2) Input HDCP key with HDCP-key- in-program
(3) HDCP Key value is stored on EEPROM(AT24C512) which
is 80~A1 addresses of  0xA0~0xA2 page
(4) AC off/ on and on HDCP button of MSPG925 and confirm
whether picture is displayed or not of using MSPG925
(5) HDCP Key value is different among the sets. 
9. RS-232C 
Press In-start key and select 3.Baud Rate menu. Check RS-
232C after changing Baud Rate 115200.
(1) Press ADJ R/C In-start key and select 0.AREA OPTION
(2) Select Country by using 
(VOL +/-) in accordance with
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