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1. Application Range
This specification sheet is applied to all of the LCD TV with
LT03B/D/E/H/R/S chassis.
2. Designation
(1) Because this is not a hot chassis, it is not necessary to use
an isolation transformer. However, the use of isolation
transformer will help protect test instrument.
(2) Adjustment must be done in the correct order. 
(3) The adjustment must be performed in the circumstance of
25 ºC ± 5 ºC of temperature and 65 % ±10 % of relative
humidity if there is no specific designation. 
(4) The input voltage of the receiver must keep AC 100-240
V~ 50 / 60Hz.
(5) Before adjustment, execute Heat-Run for 5 minutes at RF
no signal. 
3. Adjustment items 
3.1. PCB assembly adjustment items 
1) Mac Address D/L & LAN Test 
2) Main S/W program download : Using USB Memory stick 
3) Input Tool - Option 
4) Download EDID : EDID data are automatically
downloaded when adjusting the Tool Option. 
5) ADC Calibration – RGB & Component 
6) Check SW Version 
3.2. SET assembly adjustment items  
4. PCB assembly adjustment method
4.1.  MAC Address Download & LAN test  
4.1.1. MAC Address D/L 
D/L Program : Serial.exe Method 
1) Connect Jig to PCBA. 
1) Execute “ Serial.exe” on PC, MAC Address edit : Start /
End MAC address input 
2) Connect Com-port.(Port connection button click) 
3) Load button click(3) for MAC Address write  
4) MAC address Write. 
5) Check the OK Or NG 
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