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Surround Speakers
1.5-1.8 m
Front Speakers
0-60 cm
The front speakers should be
placed the same distance from
each other as they are from
the listening position. They
should be placed at about the
same height from the floor as
the listeners’ ears will be, or
they may be angled toward the
The center-channel speaker
should be placed slightly
behind the front left and right
speakers, and no more than
two feet above or below the
tweeters of the left and right
speakers. It is often conve-
nient to set the center speaker
on top of the television set, as
shown in the drawing. Use the
supplied support leg to aim it
toward the listener by screw-
ing the leg in to angle the
speaker up, or unscrewing the
leg slightly to angle the speak-
er down.
The two surround speakers
should be placed slightly
behind the listening position
and, ideally, should face each
other and be at a level higher
than the listeners’ ears. If that
is not possible, they may be
placed on a wall behind the lis-
tening position, facing forward.
The surround speakers should
not call attention to them-
selves. Experiment with their
placement until you hear a dif-
fuse, ambient sound accompa-
nying the main-program mater-
ial heard in the front speakers.
The TRIO138S speakers are
perfect for bringing music to
additional rooms in your home.
If your receiver or amplifier is
equipped with A/B speaker
switching, simply connect the
pair of speakers to the unused
pair of speaker terminals on
your receiver, following the
directions in the Speaker Con-
nections section on page 4. If
you plan on playing both pairs
of speakers simultaneously,
check with the manufacturer
of your receiver or amplifier to
find out whether that use is
Center-Channel Speaker
S P E A K E R   P L A C E M E N T
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