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M O U N T I N G   O P T I O N S
Satellites and Surrounds
On shelves.
Attach plate to wall. The
brackets should be placed, if
possible, so that the screws
will fasten into a wooden
wall stud. If that is not possi-
ble, use properly selected
wall anchors.
The customer is responsible
for proper selection and use
of mounting hardware, avail-
able through hardware
stores, to properly and safely
wall-mount the speakers.
On the wall. Wall brackets are
included for the satellite speak-
ers only.
Slide speaker onto
On optional stands (FS300S).
Place speaker and
support on wall plate.
Two satellites for left, right
front or surrounds with 
wall-mount brackets.
One center-channel speaker
with adjustable support leg.
For a complete system, consider adding a powered subwoofer. 
Please see your JBL dealer for assistance.
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