ON STAGEII (serv.man13) - JBL Audio EMC - CB Certificate (repair manual)

on stageii (serv.man13) emc - cb certificate
ON STAGEII (serv.man13)
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EMC - CB Certificate

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Nemko USA, Inc. 
11696 Sorrento Valley Road, Suite F 
San Diego, CA  92121-1024 
Tel: 858 755-5525 
Fax: 858 452-1810 
JBL OnStageII Wireless Remote 
Nemko Project Number: 25-629-HAR 
Dear Mr. Tang 
This letter is intended to serve as a notice that the  JBL OnStageII Wireless Remote, as tested, has 
complied with the following tests per EN300 220-1 V1.3.1 (2000-09). 
Summary Of Tests 
Transmitter Characteristics 
8.1 Frequency Error 
+ 43.4 kHz limit -- complies 
8.2 Carrier Power (conducted) 
Not tested due to integral antenna 
8.3 Effective Radiated Power 
Power class 7a, 4 mW  
8.4 Response of TX to modulation frequencies 
Not applicable to wideband equipment BW > 25 kHz 
8.5 Adjacent channel power 
Not applicable to wideband equipment BW > 25 kHz 
8.6 Range of modulation bandwidth for wide 
band equipment (>25 kHz) 
All emissions stayed below limit for entire modulation 
bandwidth (433.05 and 434.79 MHz). 
8.7 Spurious Emissions (Transmitter) 
8.8 Frequency Stability under low voltage 
Complies to 0.85 % of 3 Volts  
8.9 Duty Cycle 
In regards to t ime of 1 hour, DC as demonstrated 
would place EUT in duty cycle class 1 < 0.1% 
Receiver Characteristics 
9.1 Adjacent channel selectivity 
Test not applicable, no receiver present. 
9.2 Adjacent band selectivity 
Test not applicable, no receiver present. 
9.3 Blocking or desensitization 
Test not applicable, no receiver present. 
9.4 Receiver Spurious Emissions 
Test not applicable, no receiver present. 
A formal test report is currently being prepared by Nemko USA, Inc. and will serve as official proof of the 
device’s compliance status.  
Please keep us in mind for your next project and call with any questions. 
A, Laudani 
RF/EMC Test Specialist 
 Frequency Error  
3.45 V (+15%)    
434.002004 MHz 
3.00 V (nominal) 
434.002004 MHz 
2.55 V (-15%)   
434.002004 MHz  
434.002004 MHz 
434.002004 MHz 
8-15-05 test done by A. Laudani,  EUT complies 
8.6 Range of Modulation Bandwidth 
Limit line 
Power level adjusted by test 
fixture relative to true 
measured value. 
Range of Modulation Bandwidth. 
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