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Generally, loudspeakers can withstand a great deal of power, as long as the signal is undis-
torted. You can safely use a power amplifier with a power rating greater than the loud-
speaker’s recommended power, as long as the amplifier is not driven beyond it limits.
When amplifiers are overdriven, they “clip” the signal, creating distortion which appears as
a high frequency signal. These high frequency signals are directed to the high frequency
transducer by the crossover network, thereby creating a dangerous condition for the small-
est driver in the loudspeaker system.
The smaller the amplifier you use, the greater the danger of overdriving the amp, and con-
sequently the greater the potential danger to the high frequency transducer. 
Excessive boost of the tone controls of the amplifier or receiver can also aggravate the situ-
Always use an amplifier or receiver that will make your LX loudspeakers play reasonably
loud and at the same time sound clean and undistorted.
For surround sound systems, the JBL LX Series includes a dedicated center channel loud-
speaker. LX2000 Center is magnetically shielded for safe use near the picture tube and
should be placed directly on top of or beneath the television set. The front edge of LX2000
Center should be on a line with the front edge of the television. LX2000 Center must be
connected in phase to the amplifier/receiver, i.e. plus-to-plus and minus-to-minus, exactly
like the left and right front loudspeakers.
JBL LX Series loudspeaker systems are constructed of high quality MDF-board, superior to
solid wood in its acoustic properties. They are built to give many years of trouble-free ser-
vice, and do not require special attention. 
Occasional dusting with a clean, soft cloth will maintain the original beauty of the finish.
Furniture waxes, polishes or cleaners are not recommended. 
The grille may be gently vacuumed, and stains can be removed with an aerosol cleaner,
following the manufacturer’s instructions. Never use any solvents to clean any part of the
Should your JBL LX Series loudspeaker ever need service, return it to the JBL dealer from
whom it was purchased. If for some reason this is impractical, contact your local JBL dis-
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