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NOTE: LX2004 and LX2005 have dual pairs
of gold-plated terminals. For normal connec-
tion with a single run of loudspeaker cable,
the metal bars between the High and Low
inputs MUST be in place. Connect cable only
to the inputs marked High. For separate
cable connections to the Low and High
inputs, see next section BI-WIRING.
Connect the loudspeakers to your amplifier or
receiver using two-conductor insulated wire.
We recommend 1.5mm
wire as a minimum
size for cable runs of up to 5 m. If your loud-
speakers have to be placed at greater dis-
tance from your amplifier or receiver you
should use heavier wire. Too thin wire or too
long wire runs can result in the sound from
the loudspeaker being different than intended, but will not do any harm. We recommend
that you consult your dealer, who will be happy to assist you in this matter. 
For each channel, the red terminal on the loudspeaker should be connected to the red (+)
loudspeaker terminal on the amplifier or receiver, and the black terminal on the loud-
speaker to the black (–) loudspeaker terminal on the amplifier or receiver. Connecting the
loudspeakers in this manner ensures that they will have the same polarity (“in phase”).
Connecting the loudspeakers with different polarity will not damage them, but will result in
less bass and a poor stereo image. This can be determined by listening to a solo voice: if
the voice can be located in the space between the two loudspeakers, the speakers are
connected with the same polarity. If not, the voice will sound diffuse and be difficult to
place in the space.
Most two-conductor wire is color-coded or has a ridge on one of its insulating jackets, so
that you can easily identify which wire is connected to which terminal. 
When connecting more than one pair of loudspeakers to an amplifier or receiver consult
your dealer or amplifier manufacturer to ensure that the resulting load can be handled
LX2004 and LX2005 have dual pairs of gold-plated terminals and can be bi-wired. Before
bi-wiring, ALWAYS remove the metal bars between the High and Low inputs. Bi-wiring will
improve resolution and dynamics. For even greater improvement, you may use two ampli-
fiers (bi-amping).
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