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Congratulations on choosing JBL LX Series loudspeakers.
JBL LX series loudspeakers are designed using the technologies that have made JBL the
world’s most famous brand of loudspeakers. 
Wherever loudspeakers are important, integral parts of musical performances - in opera
houses, in football stadiums or at rock concerts - JBL is the loudspeaker brand of choice.
By using only the best available materials and devoting careful attention to details, JBL is
certain that your JBL speakers will provide many years of excellent performance. 
The instructions in this manual will help you realize the full potential of your loudspeakers.
JBL LX Series loudspeakers are designed to produce the best possible sound when located
at some distance from walls and corners. Approximately 1 m is preferable. Placement in
corners or close to walls will increase the amount of bass, but not necessarily the quality of
the bass. If such placement is unavoidable it is recommended that you use the tone con-
trols on your amplifier or receiver to reduce the bass. 
The bookshelf-size loudspeakers should not be placed on the floor, but will greatly benefit
from placement on an open, rigid stand 35-50 cm high, which will place the high fre-
quency unit at ear level, which is important for the creation of the best possible stereo
image. Placement of the speaker on a high quality stand will improve the accuracy of the
bass, which again will lead to the most dynamic, expressive reproduction. 
We strongly advise that you consult your JBL dealer for advice and demonstration.
Should you want to mount your JBL LX speaker on the wall, it is recommended to use a
strong bracket. A distance of 2-4 cm from the wall will allow the rear panel mounted reflex
port to work, while complete closing of the port will reduce the deepest bass.
For the best stereo image the two loudspeakers in the stereo system should be placed at
the same distance from your listening position, and separated by an angle of 40° to 60°
(see illustration). For example, if your listening position is 2.4-3.6 m from each speaker,
the two speakers should be 2-2.4 m apart. 
Since every room is different, and since room acoustics are very important to the overall
sound, we strongly recommend that you experiment to find the placement that gives you
the most pleasing results.
INSTALLATION OF SPIKES (LX2003, 2004 and 2005)
Spikes isolate the speaker from floor vibrations. To install the spikes, follow these 
1. Turn the speaker upside down with the
bottom of the enclosure facing upwards.
2. Thread a nut onto each spike until the
nut reaches the unthreaded section.
3. Screw the spikes into the threaded
mounting sockets.
4. Adjust the spikes so they all are at the
same height, then tighten the nuts to
prevent the spikes from changing
height, or from rocking side to side.
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