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signature 2.0 (serv.man6) technical bulletin
SIGNATURE 2.0 (serv.man6)
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Technical Bulletin

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harman/kardon Incorporated  250 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury  New York 11797  (516) 496-3400
Service Bulletin
Service bulletin # H/K2000-07   July 2000
Warranty labor rate: MINOR repair
   All harman/kardon Service Centers
Models:  Signature 2.0 Processor/Tuner
Subject:  Remote Control  Works Intermittently
In the event you receive a Signature 2.0 with the complaint of “the remote control only works at
certain angles, or when it’s very close to the unit,” perform the necessary steps listed below:
1.  Make sure there are fresh batteries in the remote, and they are installed correctly.
2.  Question for customer:  Are you sure the area between the remote control and receiver is not
blocked by some object, and the distance is no more than 15 feet, at an angle no greater than 30
from the front of the receiver ?
3.  Question for customer:  Are you sure strong lighting is not being directed towards the IR sensor of
the unit ?
If the remote control of the Signature 2.0 Processor/Tuner still does not function correctly under
proper conditions, then verify that the position of the IR sensor located behind the Signature 2.0
front panel is correct, as per steps below.
4.  Remove the top cover to the unit (10 Phillips screws).
5.  In the front left corner, carefully unplug the two colored female connectors on the Power Switch
6.  Remove the (5) Phillips screws holding the front panel onto the chassis; there is one screw on either
side, and three bottom screws.
7.  Carefully disengage the front panel from the chassis; you may now remove the four plated Phillips
screws deep in the recesses of the stamped metal cover plate at the rear of the front panel.  A
magnetic screwdriver bit is recommended.
8.  Disengage rear cover from the front panel; you should now see the rectangular IR sensor at the left
side of the VLF display.  Align and straighten the sensor as indicated below; it should be straight
and parallel in relation to the front panel; the rounded lens should be pointed straight forward.
9.  Replace all screws and reassemble, following the instructions in reverse order; be sure and replace
the two power switch connectors.
10. Connect all cables necessary for proper operation; power up the unit and check that the remote
control is working properly.
harman/kardon Incorporated  250 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury  New York 11797  (516) 496-3400
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