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hks 4 (serv.man7) user guide / operation manual
HKS 4 (serv.man7)
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User Guide / Operation Manual

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HKS 4 Surround Loudspeakers
Power for the Digital Revolution
Speaker Placement
Mounting Options
Speaker Connections
Connection Guide
Configuring your Receiver or Processor
Table of Contents
Declaration of Conformity
We, Harman Consumer International
2, Route de Tours
72500 Château-du-Loir,
declare in own responsibility, that the product described in this
owner’s manual is in compliance with technical standards:
EN 60065:1998
EN 55013/A14:1999
EN 55020/A14:1999
EN 61000-3-2/A14:2000
EN 61000-3-3/1.1995
EN 50081-1:1992
EN 50082-1:1992
Carsten Olesen
Harman Kardon Europe
Thank you for purchasing the Harman Kardon
HKS 4, with which you’re about to begin many
years of listening enjoyment. The HKS 4 has
been custom-designed to provide all the excite-
ment and power of the cinema experience in
your own living room.
The HKS 4 loudspeakers are suitable for upgrad-
ing almost any 5.1 home theater system to 7.1
channels when used with a 7.1-channel receiver
or processor and any necessary additional ampli-
To obtain maximum enjoyment from your new
speakers, we urge you to take a few minutes to
read through this manual. This will ensure that
connections to your receiver or preamp/proces-
sor and amplifier or other external devices are
made properly. In addition, a few minutes spent
learning the functions of understanding the
setup options will enable you to take advantage
of all the power and refinement the HKS 4 is
able to deliver.
If you have any questions about this product, its
installation or operation, please contact your
dealer, the best local source of information.
Description and Features
The HKS 4 is a pair of 2-way satellite speakers
for use in a home theater system. The HKS 4
speakers are identical to the satellites in the 
Harman Kardon HKTS 11 system, and are
designed to be used with the HKTS 11 in a com-
plete 7.1-channel home theater. Color-coded
speaker cables are included to facilitate
installing the speakers in the surround back left
and right positions.
Shelf stands and wall-mount brackets are includ-
ed for the satellite speakers, and optional HTFS 2
floor stands are available separately from your
Harman Kardon dealer.
Harman Kardon invented the high-fidelity receiv-
er fifty years ago. With state-of-the-art features
and time-honored circuit designs, the HKS 4 is a
perfect complement to a Harman Kardon receiv-
er or any home theater system.
■ Matched Pair of Loudspeakers for Use
in Multichannel Applications
■ Speakers Are Magnetically Shielded 
for Flexible Placement Near Video
■ Dual Three-Inch Driver
■ One-3/4-Inch Balanced-Dome Tweeter
■ Metal-Wire-Mesh Grille
■ Elegant Cabinet 
■ Shelf Stands, Wall-Mount Brackets and
Color-Coded Speaker Cables Are
■ May Be Used With Optional Floor
Two satellites for left, right and surrounds
(shown with included shelf stands attached)
Two wall-mount brackets
Two 12-meter speaker cables for connection
from receiver to speakers.
Speaker Placement
Color-Coding System
The HKS 4 and the HKTS 11 use the channel
color-coding system established by the Con-
sumer Electronics Association to make setting up
your home theater speaker system as easy as
possible. Your system includes a set of colored
stickers that may be placed near the speaker ter-
minals of each of the satellite speakers. In addi-
tion, the included speaker wires have colored
bands at each end to assist you in connecting
them correctly. Use the brown sticker and cable
for the Surround Back Left speaker, and the tan
sticker and cable for the Surround Back Right
speaker. Although the wires included with 
your HKS 4 speakers are color-coded for the Sur-
round Back Left and Right channels, they are
interchangeable with the wires supplied with the
HKTS 11 system. It doesn’t matter which satel-
lite speaker is used for any of the front or rear
positions. (The center speaker and powered sub-
woofer of the HKTS 11 are already color-coded.)
When Used as Front Speakers
Front speakers should be placed the same dis-
tance from each other as they are from the lis-
tening position. They should be placed at about
the same height from the floor as the listeners’
ears, or they may be angled toward the listeners.
When Used as Surround Speakers
For 5.1-channel applications, the two surround
speakers should be placed slightly behind the lis-
tening position and, ideally, should face each
other and be at a level higher than the listeners’
ears. If that is not possible, they may be placed
on a wall behind the listening position, facing
In 7.1-channel systems, place the side surround
speakers slightly behind the listening position, as
shown in the diagram to the left. The surround
back speakers should be placed on the rear wall,
facing forward, the same distance apart as the
main front speakers.
In 6.1-channel systems, you may use a pair of
HKS 4 speakers for the surround back speakers
in place of a single rear center speaker. Using
two speakers will provide a more diffuse sur-
round effect, and will also increase the total
sound output for the surround back channel
without overworking any individual speaker.
Place the two speakers on the rear wall the
same distance apart as each speaker is from the
listener, but at least four feet apart.
The surround back speakers in a 6.1- or 7.1-
channel system should be placed at the same
height as the surround speakers, about 1.5 to
1.8 meter above the floor.
The surround speakers should not call attention
to themselves. Experiment with their placement
until you hear a diffuse, ambient sound accom-
panying the main-program material heard in the
front speakers.
Satellites and Surrounds
The satellite speakers may be placed on a shelf.
They may be wall-mounted using the supplied
1,5-1,85 m
Surround Back Speakers
(7.1-Channel System)
Surround Back Speakers
(6.1-Channel System)
(place at least 1.2m apart)
Side Surround Speakers
Surround Speakers
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