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avr 45 (serv.man3) technical bulletin
AVR 45 (serv.man3)
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Technical Bulletin

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harman/kardon Incorporated  250 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury  New York 11797  (516) 496-3400
Service Bulletin
Service bulletin # H/K9804   December 1998
Warranty labor rate: MINOR repair
    All harman/kardon Service Centers
 Models:  AVR35/45/65 North America/RDS/Singapore (all versions)
 Subject:  Remote Control Functions Do Not Work
When the batteries are replaced in the 
remote control, capacitor C1 (.1 Farad,
5.5V) maintains memory functions for 4-5 hours.  When C1 is discharged or the remote control
is stored for 2 months or more without batteries, the remote goes in the  factory default mode.
This condition may occur from the time delay in shipping the unit from the factory to the
customer.  When the batteries are installed, and the customer presses a button on the remote,
it may emit a “corrupted” noise signal (caused by capacitor C1) rather than the normal output
As result, certain remote functions may no longer work properly.
In the event you receive an AVR35,45 or 65 with the complaint of “Certain buttons on the
remote control do not work”, perform the necessary steps listed below:
1.  Make sure there are fresh batteries in the remote, and they are installed correctly.
2.  Make sure the area between the remote control and receiver is not blocked by some object,
and the distance is no more than 15 feet at an angle no greater than 30 degrees from the
front of the receiver.
3.  Make sure strong lighting is not directed towards the IR sensor of the receiver.
4.  Press each button on the remote and verify proper operation.
If these steps are taken and remote control still does not function properly  
5. This step discharges the capacitor and resets the remote control. (You do not need to point
the remote control at the receiver or even have the receiver turned on.)
A: AVR35 
 Press the TV and the M4 buttons at the same time and hold for 12 seconds.
B: AVR45 or AVR65 
−  Press the TV and the LIGHT buttons at the same time and hold for 12
To Test: Make sure your AVR35/45/65 is ON, press each button on the remote and verify
proper operation of your receiver.

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